Bathroom Renovations & Home Value

Bathroom Renovations & Home Value
modern bathroom renovations

Renovating a new bathroom

When it comes to selling your home, one of the first things buyers pay attention to is your bathroom. Knowing this you can understand a bathroom renovation can improve the value of your home bathroom renovations on a budgetand increase the number of prospects interested in your home.

Dull, Dirty or old bathrooms are never going to be attractive during a open home, this includes cramped bathrooms also. Organising a bathroom renovation is easy and your contractor can assist in improving the spaces functional design, even on a budget! Remember when renovating your bathroom for increasing your homes appreal and value upon sale, it’s important to stay nuetral – don’t imprint your personal touches or preferences as this may not be desired by potential home buyers.

Some considerations when upgrading your bathroom, especially on a budget are: keeping it modern and neutral, also

  • Frame-less shower screens ( give a clean modern look and increase the idea of spaciousness )
  • Consider keeping or installing a bath ( young family buyers )
  • Storage – shaving cabinets, vanities with ample draws and storage.
  • Luxury touches such as – underfloor heating or heated towel holders.

No doubt you are wondering where your budget should be for an effective bathroom renovation, considering a bathroom reno is difficult just in finder the right contractor for starters, just keep in mind when making structural changes or major plumbing changes, this will significantly increase costs. A good price to start with for your renovation would be $12,000 to $15,000. Keep in mind this is for a standard size family bathroom with mid range fittings and products.