Designing Your Granny Flat

Granny Flat Design Tips

Modern granny flats need to blend in well with the existing house and neighbourhood, even if just for resale reasons. Granny flat design has evolved despite the need to adhere to council restrictions. None of your neighbours are going to be happy if your area is more heritage styled and you erect rendered two story granny flat, nor will it help on resale. Another often overlooked factor is outdoor space, people typically become so fixed on trying to fit the largest granny flat possible at any cost they over look the simple things like : space for kids, pets, clothesline, gardens etc.
When it comes to the inside some factors that are overlooked and need to be considered are the positioning of the bedrooms and living area’s, they should preferably be towards the north. If north is not possible, buffer these zones with storage or the laundry and as a last resort heavily insulate the western facing walls.

When designing the floor plan of your granny flat make sure you design it for its intended use, either a place for the parents, kids retreat and an investment. But most importantly keep it simple, budget blowouts almost always occur because the design was trying to incorporate something tricky or detailed.

Granny flats are typical limited to about 60sqm in most regions, to make the most of this space don’t create space where its not needed ie: hallways when open plan is more effective. Designing a quality functional granny flat is difficult, but keeping in mind the above should help you avoid any common problems.
Happy granny flat designing

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