Termites Hungry By Design

Termite Prevention And Solutions

Termites are a costly problem in Australia, millions are spent every year treating and preventing their potential destructive behaviour of our greatest asset, our homes. However as a home owner you can periodically inspect your property for visual signs of their presence and intrusion and also remove food sources from around your property. This can assist in reducing your risk, that said if your property is in an active area or built before termite prevention measures came into the building code, organising a inspection could save you in the future.

A professional pest inspector can detect, treat and educate on best solutions to dealing with termites. Professionals these days use thermal imaging to see what the human eye can not, because termites avoid sunlight and like to go about their business out of sight and without being disturbed. The nature of termites behaviour often leads to costly damage as it;s often they are not discovered until serious damage has been carried out. Living in a brick home isn’t a reason to relax termites can and will enter brick homes, they will see plaster board, wardrobes, carpet, paper and even cloth as a food source. Organising a termite consultant or inspection is easy and could save you from costly repairs, as a home owner your responsibility in inspecting your homes exterior for mud tubes and interior can also help before costly damage has been done!

Some Termite Facts

  • Termites are sometimes known as White Ants, however they are not related to ants and in fact closer to cockroaches.
  • Termites never stop, their operation runs 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days!
  • Termites will travel up to 75 meters from their colony in search of food sources!
  • The termite queen can live in excess of 15 years!

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